Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Origins of Mendelbröt!, the new word for "kewl"

A fractal of the mandelbröt set...

* Join the worldwide slang phenomenon! * Everybody's saying it, why not you?!? *

This exciting venture was created on a scorching hot, sloooooow day in the forests of northern Alberta and has taken Ireland, Switzerland and Australia by storm!What is it you ask?!

It's M*E*N*D*E*L*B*R*ö*T!

The goal--take the nerdiest possible word--Mendelbrot, a graphic depiction of a mathematical function, how could that be any more nerdy?? I'll tell you how: it has an umlaut!-- and ease it into the general lexicon as a slang term similar to

  • "bonzer!" in Australia,
  • "cool!", "awesome!" in North America,
  • "deadly!" in Ireland,
  • "brilliant!" in the UK.

Pass it on!

Tangent: A quick peruse of the leading Swiss German Slang dictionary shows that there is no slang word similar to the above listed ones in readily apparent in Switzerland. Mendelbrot! fits the bill!
This same dictionary does have the following entry, showing that the Swiss clearly have their minds elsewhere:

gschmöcksch de töff?
  • (expr) do you understand? do you see the problem?
  • NOTE lit. 'do you smell the motorbike?'
  • synonyms: 'gsehsch de pögg?' (do you see the puck) 'tschäggs es?'.
  • If you dont understand, say: 'ich verschtoh nur bahnhof!' (lit. 'i understand only railway station!', it's all a mystery to me)

Anyways, back to the point: In the initial phases (Mendelbrot 1.0) the word was made nerdiest by saying it in one's closest approximation to the voice of Yoda from the Star Wars series. While this feature entertained archaeologists, ski patrollers, outdoor retail folks and forensic anthropologists (i.e: anyone on a long car/bus trip) the world over, it failed to catch on.

Further focus group testing suggested making this feature optional in future Mendelbrot! incarnatations.And so the newly released Mendelbrot! Y.O.! (yoda optional) version is here! Spread the word! Tell everyone about your Mendelbrot! Moments! Heard Mendelbrot! in the news? By your favourite celeb? Post it here!


FAQ's on Mendelbrot!

* Why mendelbrot and not mandelbrot you ask?
Simple, mandelbrot was taken as a bloggy name. Also, my spelling can't keep up with linguistic enthusiasm...

* What is Banöffee?*

Banöffee was voted most likely word to be antonym to Mendelbrot! (2002 Lil Gold Car Irish focus group). Why? Because it's banana toffee and that is SO not Mendelbrot!

*Any celebs of note endorse mendelbrot!?*

  • Prince William on QEII being oldest monarch ever: "It's brilliant, yeah? Totally mendelbrot!"
  • Julie Andrews on the creation of a Sound of Music reality program to cast the stage play: "It's absolutely mendelbrot! One of my favourite things!"
  • Canadian skier Britt Janyk on World Cup Downhill win in Aspen, Dec 8th: "It's absolutely amazing. I'm so excited! It's medelbrot!"

*Is mendelbrot! always followed by an exclamation point?

Almost always, yes! Because it's that mendelbrot! Guileless enthusiasm abounds!

*Is this entire blog going to be about math and linguistics and boring banoffee shit? I thought it was about mendelbrot! not Mandelbrot...

No! all medelbrot topics! Nursing! books! movies! Pics--like 12 on 12 photo projects--very mendelbrot! Activism like harm reduction-- uber mendelbrot!

*Do you have too much time on your hands?

So I've been told...

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