Sunday, March 9, 2008

Call me unCanadian, but I hate KD and all it's elbow-shaped relatives

Please, don't eat this:

I have an aversion to macaroni pasta. Fresh or dried no matter. It's the shape. It's just wrong. Wrong in anything: tuna fish casserole, hamburger casserole, anything. It's like the parts that weren't supposed to make it into your food recognisable: the veiny bits or if under-cooked, the cartilaginous bits. Poorly drained, you will be treated to a bleb of luke-warm water with every bite. Fluorescent cheese doesn't mask this problem, it makes it worse.

I have pretty catholic tastes when it comes to food and will try anything once, but I know what I don't like, and it's name is macaroni. Well, and whipped cream but that one has exceptions (thinly on pumpkin pie, sparingly with fresh berries), with macaroni there are no exceptions.

A friend's mum has the same aversion; friend and his dad had to wait for nights she was out to indulge in KD or the like. 2 like minded people out there, I know there must be more.


L-girl said...

I never even knew this was especially Canadian. Go figure.

Scott M. said...


You dare to call yourself Canadian? What about Beaver Cassarole? Complete with Cream of Mushroom Soup and hardened cheese on top?

You *say* you've Catholic tastes, yet not liking KD is a sin. I hope your contrition is wearing you down.

C'mon, admit it. You're really a sleeper agent for the French...

Jen said...

l-girl: it's so Canadian it's recieved the Royal Order of the Barenaked Ladies Song

Scott M: No! small c catholic tastes not big C Catholic (though I've got those too, sadly: the Irish Catholic variety that makes boiled-to-death food palatable and the merest spice turn me head red 'n runny). Beaver cassarole? What's that?

Jen said...

Scott: a quick google indicates you mean the casserole literally. Gross!
The only thing grosser being the casserole I envisioned that had a truly unfortunate look (especially given the soup and cheese...)