Friday, August 8, 2008

Gibson (Part II)

In which our intrepid explorer makes a first foray out into the urban wilderness at our doorstep....

The ending first (thanks Blogger): here is Gibson at the sound sculpture at city hall. I love how his ears mimic the sculpture's. Luckily he doesn't make the eerie chirps and whirs that the sculpture does.

Climbing series I & II on the park benches and snowbanks behind the benches.
The events leading to getting to the great outdoors. Many challenges were bravely faced:
Challenge 1: getting out the door.

Challenge 2: getting in the elevator.

Challenge 3: Getting out of the elevator (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!)

Challenge 4: getting as far from the elevator as possible.
Challenge 5: the back stairs.Challenge 6: Leaving the building. Suddenly, the elevator's not so scary anymore.
Unpictured challenge: Getting Gibson to remember the priority is peeing not bolting for the door/ under a car etc.

Happily settling in, learning what's his for chewing and what's not. A lesson that is still in progress months later by the way.

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Bullie named Moses said...

aw, look at adorable!!